My Story

My name is Deacon Hayes and I live in Phoenix, AZ with my wonderful wife Kim. I graduated from ASU in 2007 with a degree in Business and Philosophy and I have a passion to help others get from where they are to where they want to be; Especially when it comes to managing their finances. Thus, Well Kept Wallet was born and has become the primary outlet for this passion.

Our Story:
When Kim and I got married in 2008 it seemed like things were off to a great start. We bought a brand new Nissan Altima, had 2 condos, and Kim was starting off her career. From the surface it looked like we were right where we wanted to be. One day it became shockingly apparent that this wasn’t the case. I began to go over our finances and noticed that we had more money going out then coming in. We had nearly $52,000 in debt which included a car, credit cards and multiple student loans. As a couple we decided that we would seek out people who have been successful with handling money.  We read several books, took a personal finance class, and talked with others who practiced sound financial principles.  When Kim and I began to apply the principles that we had been learning, our world began to drastically change before our eyes. Within 18 months of deciding to devise a plan and follow it, we paid off our $52,000 in debt and we are now debt free except the house.

It is amazing to see how, in such a short period of time, we were able to make such amazing progress. It is my goal to help others break the bonds of debt and to help them Build a Financial Foundation for Life.

I now am a Financial Coach and teach a class called $tart Up, which I created to equip those starting off in life with how to manage their finances well.  If you have any questions regarding your finances this is how you can reach me:


2 responses to “My Story”

  1. Colyn says :

    Great personal story Deacon! Congratulations on reducing your debt with “gazelle intensity”!

  2. Shift Local says :

    It’s always nice to know the foundation of blogs/sites. They best way to learn is to go through it personally and it’s awesome you’re sharing your knowledge with others!

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